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Inventory Management – Maintaining Inventory at Minimum Cost

Inventory Management: Let’s learn successful business tools with some snacks!

Hey New York eCommerce Meetup Fans!!

Inventory is the ordering, storage, and use of parts that a company uses in order to create and sell items. The items available for purchase are also considered inventory. Proper control over inventory is crucial for any successful business.

We’ve enlisted some amazing speakers for our upcoming Magento/E-commerce Meetup on May 8th. These speakers can help you develop the tools for proper inventory management.  Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:


– Michael Nardini

Vice President, Business Partner Solutions

Dydacomp helps companies manage inventory and automate the order delivery process. They became an asset for fast-growing companies once they developed their own inventory, order and customer management software. Consequently, their software became more influential. It is now considered an industry standard, and a new software category was created–OMS or automated order and inventory management.

As Vice President of Business Partner Solutions, Michael Nardini manages the training and certifying of third-party referral partners. He has assisted clients with setting up Gateway and Merchant accounts for the past seven years. Additionally, Mike improved company performance with tiered support, ticket tracking software, and project management software. This work helps track custom requests and new system installations. Before Dydacomp, Mike gained five years of experience in finance/technical support roles at the Bank of New York and Dendrite (Cegedim).


– Laura Hills

Vice President of Marketing

Laura Hills manages Dydacomp’s corporate marketing and public relations. She also manages any agreements or collaborations between Dyacomp and other companies.  Her experience in delivery enterprise application solutions helps her to raise awareness of Dydacomp and its inventory, order & customer management software.

Before Dydacomp, Laura was the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at CyberShift. She focused on providing Cloud-based workforce management solutions to other companies. Moreover, she has experience in delivering global enterprise business application solutions at Computer Associates’ (CA) interBiz division. She also directed Product Management at Information Science Incorporated (InSci).


– Peter Johnson

Senior Solution Specialist – Software Sales/SaaS Sales

Peter Johnson is a Senior Solution Specialist with more than 15 years of successful sales, marketing and consulting experience. Peter’s main focus is bringing value to every client and delivering results. Before Dydacomp, Peter worked as a senior solution specialist at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) for over 13 years.


– Baruch Lane

Developer, Hara Partners

Baruch Lanes is a part of a full services company that provides e-commerce business solutions based on Magento. Hara Partners provides both international and startup companies with effective software architecture, photography and video. Baruch will explain Magento and e-commerce development with a spotlight on mobile accessibility. This is an increasingly necessary channel for user access and interactivity. He’ll share tips and best practices for a mobile-friendly platform.


And of course, the Meetup wouldn’t be complete without networking, beer, and plenty of snacks. We can’t wait to see you!