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eRetailer Best Practices: How to Build Your eCommerce Startup

eRetailer Best Practices: Let’s learn how to build startups with Audicus and Avalara!

Welcome back to the eCommerce forum!

Building an eCommerce startup is challenging. For one, competition is fierce–especially if a company can’t find a niche market. Secondly, startups need to improve scalability if they do find their niche market because product demands can skyrocket. Finally, a startup will need to find talent to help with the growing demands. These are just a few of the challenges startups face. Don’t worry if you’re feeling intimidated; we have solutions.

There will be two amazing companies presenting at our upcoming eCommerce Meetup. They will teach us eRetailer best practices for building online startups.  This is the perfect event for anyone interested in improving online business. The Meetup will take place at 7:00 p.m., August 12, 2015 at our Midtown loft in New York. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

Patrick Freuler

Founder and CEO, Audicus

Audicus is a growing eCommerce startup that sells high-tech, affordable hearing aids. They’re so affordable, they saved customers more than $15 million in healthcare costs since June 2012. The cost of Audicus’ hearing aids is 80% lower than their competitors. They’re also customized based on individual hearing results.

Patrick Freuler is founder and CEO of Audicus. Before Audicus, he worked as a private equity healthcare investor at Bain Capital. Patrick also worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey. Finally, he holds a Bachelor/Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Patrick will talk about eRetailer best practices and his experience at Audicus.

Avalara, Inc.

Avalara is a cloud-based software platform. They deliver sales tax and other transactional tax solutions–like VAT. Furthermore, Avalara easily works with ERP and eCommerce software systems that serve numerous companies worldwide. Avalara representatives will also talk about eRetailer best practices and how Avalara became a leading company in the tax field.

You don’t want to miss this awesome chance to learn about eRetailer best practices! Also, free beer, snacks and networking!

eRetailer Best Practices

*This event is sponsored by the eCommerce Forum.*