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Multi-Channel Retailing: How to Maximize Revenue

Multi-channel retailing is a marketing strategy that offers consumers a number of ways to buy products. Some channels include:

  • – retail stores
  • – online stores
  • – mobile stores

Furthermore, multi-channel retailing maximizes revenue by offering consumers options and convenience. The best multi-channel retailing strategy will offer consumers quality experience whichever option they select.

Understanding multi-channel retailing is vital for business owners. 71% of consumers use mobile phones for product research. Therefore, a company could miss a large pool of potential clients if they neglect mobile channels. Most importantly, consumers who shop online as well as in-store have a higher value than consumers who shop on only one channel. This means that companies should encourage shopping on multiple channels in order to increase net profit.

eTail is hosting an eCommerce and multi-channel retail conference called eTail West at the JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California. This event will educate and inspire guests. It will also provide business solutions and networking opportunities. eTail West will start on February 17, 2015 and end on February 20, 2015. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

Who Organizes eTail?
Multi-channel marketing at eTail West 2014
eTail West 2014

Worldwide Business Research LLC organizes eTail. They are conference production company that is dedicated to helping the retail industry grow. Additionally, Worldwide Business Research is also a part of the PLS group. The PLS group is a provider of strategic business intelligence. Finally, the Worldwide Business Research’s marketing division connects solution providers to their target audience. They do this with online branding and lead generation campaigns.

etail’s Content and Networking

eTail provides guest with a number of networking opportunities. Networking sessions are fun and interactive. They are also centered on retail community building and career development.

eTail team members spend 6 months conducting research and developing the program. Their research guides the event’s content. The Retail Advisory Board also makes sure the conference showcases the latest retail trends and topics. Some of 2015’s event topics will include online marketing and digital engagement.

eTail’s Venue and Customer Service

eTail is always held at luxury resorts. Guests are also given 3-course meals and VIP service. eTail wants to make sure guests are educated as well as pampered at their events.

Onsite eTail staff members offer information about the event and the retail industry. They can also direct guests to programs specific to their business needs. Finally, staff members can help facilitate quality interactions.