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Netsuite Magento Integration: A Service to Grow Your Online Business!

Netsuite Magento Integration: Let’s learn an easy way to manage both systems!

Welcome back New York eCommerce fans!

Netsuite is a software service for business operation and customer relations management. Magento is an eCommerce software and platform that enables merchants to integrate physical and online shopping experiences. The Netsuite Magento integration connects both services so that they can work perfectly together. This intergration is the perfect package for online business owners looking to grow their company.

We have some amazing speakers for our upcoming Magento/eCommerce Meetup. They will teach us about Netsuite and how to intergrate Netsuite and Magento.  This event will take place at 6:30 p.m., July 10th at our Midtown New York Loft. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

Chris Klamkin and Ryan Earley

Account Executives, Netsuite

Netsuite is the world’s #1 Cloud Business Management Software Suite. Chris Klamkin and Ryan Earley are both account executives at Netsuite. They will be giving a demo of their company and the importance of a one cloud solution for online businesses. The following Netsuite facts prove that this company is worth investing in:

  • – NetSuite is an all-in-one solution that can grow with businesses. This includes accounting / ERP and           eCommerce.
  • – They ensure that company growth won’t outpace business systems.
  • – Netsuite offers greater reliability while eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software.
  • – Finally, they give companies real-time business intelligence. This is from anywhere and at any time.


Mai Erne

CEO, Hara Partners

Hara Partners has built more than 200 online stores and e-commerce solutions on Magento. Additionally, they have worked on Magento development since its pre-release version in 2006 so Hara Partners is extremely familiar with this Magento. Over the years, they have worked extensively with Netsuite. This has enabled them to perfect the Netsuite Magento integration. Mai Erne is the CEO of Hara Partners. He will be giving a small presentation of the Netsuite + Magneto integration. The following are just a few of the benefits from the  Netsuite Magento integration:

  • – Inventory levels work perfectly together between Netsuite and Magento.
  • – Products can be managed in either system and created in the other.
  • – Businesses will get real-time order updates. Consequently, this will reduce customer complaints.
  • – Finally, customers can be managed in the NetSuite CRM with full visibility for the customer through Magento.


Our Meetup is going to be a great for networking and learning about online business. Don’t forget free beer and snacks! We can’t wait to see everyone!


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