Future employment

Future employment

E-commerce and future employment

With the rapid growth of e-commerce there seems to be a huge change in the future of employment around the world. There are certain jobs that are now specifically tailored for machines. Machines have been proven to be better at certain jobs than humans. They are more efficient. For instant checkouts in e-commerce are mainly done by computer systems which conduct anti-fraud checks as well. Unlike in a normal till where anti-fraud checks cannot be conducted. Most computer scientists agree that humans are prune to doing a lot of errors. This makes them hard to trust when it comes to certain tasks. Machines are far more reliable in certain tasks. E-commerce in some economies has forced a shift in jobs and skills.

Future employment and the rise of e-commerce

With the rise of e-commerce the future of employment will shift. Nowadays the old fashioned jobs such as register operators are now at risk. If you want to see the effects of e-commerce on employment an example will be the yellow taxi industry. The yellow taxi industry has been greatly devastated by the ride sharing industry such as Uber. If you are seeking employment as a yellow taxi driver it has become very difficult to stay afloat. In some cities they has been a clash between the old and the new. Taxi drivers have become scarce as they need to compete with the more developed Uber industry.

Future employment sectors

Tech based jobs are going to increase over the next decade as the usual jobs are sourced out to computers and artificial intelligence. The tech sector and financial sector are going to be two of the largest employers by number. The changing global economy means that we will need more technicians to build and manage computer systems.