The Environment

The Environment

The importance of the environment

The importance of the environment is often overlooked by many companies. Most companies often have an attitude that puts profit before environmental conservation. Environmental conservation is often good if it does not hinder shareholders’ profits. For instance if a chemical producing factory finds it far cheaper to dispose used chemical remain in a river than properly disposing of it they will most likely go the cheaper root. Environmental conservation sometimes is very expensive for small companies. This is why a lot of governments have introduced local taxes that are aimed at saving the environment. For instance the carbon tax that is levied by the governments around the world is meant to reduce the carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This environmental approach is meant to slow the effects of global warming.

Environment over profit

The importance to preserve the environment for future generations has been highlighted by many experts. They have placed the emphasis that the environment is more important than profits. Some environmental crusaders have staged protests against companies that they believed where destroying the environment. A lot of wildlife has been put at risk due to constant human encroachment. As more humans encroach on animal habitat animals start dropping in number. Some animals have become extinct this way. Habitat destruction is a major cause of concern for many conservationists. As profit seeking companies’ abuse the environment more animals become extinct.

Environment protection initiative

There has been a lot of environment protection initiatives that are tailored specifically for business. There are now dozens of environmental consultants who mainly focus on environmental protection. These mainly focus on how businesses can be environmentally friendly in the modern world. Some of this environmental initiatives have been accused of just being publicity stunts for large businesses. Oil companies have been forced by some governments to redirect their profits towards green energy.