Geomarketing: How to Engage with Customers in Real-Time

Geomarketing company, HYP3R

Geomarketing is the use of geographical intelligence in marketing. This also includes sales and distribution. Marketers use geographic locations from:

  • – sampling
  • – data collection
  • – analysis
  • – presentation

They also use routing, territorial planning and site selection. Many geomarketing tools are used through the Internet and mobile devices. Social media has also become an important resource.

Geomarketing has become more popular over the years. According to a 2015 survey by NetFinance, 62% of financial companies said they would spend money on it. Today, geomarketing startups are helping major corporations reach consumers.

Who Is Using Geomarketing?

HYP3R is a real-time, geomarketing platform. They help companies engage customers at specific locations in real-time. They also use social media analytics to track where people are making social media posts. HYP3R uses geofencing technology to find points of interest. They then store all posts made within those points. Some of the sites HYP3R uses include:

  • – Twitter
  • – Instagram
  • – Facebook

Some of the ways companies choose to engage with consumers includes liking a comment or commenting on a post. ¬†They also send free food or drinks to celebrate a customer’s birthday.

How Is HYP3R Helping Fortune 500 Companies?

Some of HYP3R’s clients include Pepsi, Disney and Marriott. These companies recognize that HYP3R is one of the only social marketing platforms to confront visibility. While many social media management tools monitor hashtags or keywords, HYP3R tracks any post with a location. Marriott likes their strategy so much, they made a deal with HYP3R to use their services for all of their 4,500 hotels.

Pepsi wants HYP3R to help them monitor and engage customers at big events like concerts, sports games and theme parks. They also want to check on their competition. For example, HYP3R has geofenced the offices of Pepsi’s competitors so they can see what public posts they are making.

Disney has a small investment in HYP3R. HYP3R even went through their accelerator program. Disney also used their services at Walt Disney World. HYP3R has business with other entertainment companies as well. They work with 12 professional sports teams, including MLB and NBA.

HYP3R is using geomarketing for brand affirmation. They are also helping companies build stronger relationships with their customers.  Finally, HYP3R is able to attract Fortune 500 companies because they track customers at specific places in real-time.