Social eCommerce: How Facebook’s Messenger Can Boost Sales

Social eCommerce

Social eCommerce is a form of eCommerce that involves social media. It also involves social media users’ contributions to online buying and selling. Social eCommerce facilitates online shopping with:

  • -user ratings
  • – referrals
  • – online communities
  • – social advertising


Facebook has recently transformed their messenger feature into a major social eCommerce tool. Their Messenger Platform v1.2 will boost retailer sales and increase conversion rates. The following will explore why social eCommerce is so important and how Messenger Platform v1.2 will work:

Why Social eCommerce Is Important

Social media is becoming increasingly more influential in eCommerce. Currently, only 2% of all eCommerce clients come from social network. Trends reveal that percentage will grow. The top 500 retailers made $3.3 billion from social media shopping in 2014. This is an increase of 26% over 2013. Additionally, the eCommerce market grew almost 16% by comparison.

Social media increased its share of eCommerce referrals almost 200% between 2014’s quarter 1 and 2015’s quarter 1. Social media’s spending is also predicted to make up 22% of the budget in 2021. The top social media sites associated with eCommerce growth are:

  • – Facebook
  • – Pinterest
  • – Twitter
  • – Reddit
  • – Instagram


Facebook is the most influential social media site in eCommerce. A Shopify analysis revealed that 85% of all social media based eCommerce orders come from Facebook. Facebook also has a 1.85% conversion rate. This rate is the highest out of all social media sites. Finally, 62%  of U.S. young adults follow at least one brand a day. Facebook plans on keeping users engaged with their Messenger Platform v1.2.

How Messenger Platform v1.2 Works

Facebook’s Messenger Platform v1.2 is the newest version of the chat platform. It is also available through the Facebook desktop site or mobile app. A messenger window containing an ad or message from a seller will pop up whenever a Facebook user clicks on an advertisement in their feed. Users can then talk to a retailer’s chat bot to make a purchase. The user will also be able to make a payment without having to leave the chat platform.

Why Messenger Platform v1.2 Will Be Successful

Facebook’s Messenger app will be successful because it meets consumer demands. 44% of customers think having a chat messenger is one the most important features a retailer can have. This information is based on a report by FurstPerson‘s Daniel James. Additionally, 63% of consumers say a live chat experience will enable them to visit a site again. 77% of consumers won’t make a purchase if they cannot chat with someone. Finally, 79% of consumers prefer live chat because of its immediacy.

Facebook’s Messenger Platform v1.2 will change the social eCommerce game. Facebook will also stay ahead of the curve because they understand that today’s consumer wants exactly what they want as soon as they can get it. As social eCommerce continues to grow, shopping experiences will become more seamless.

Social eCommerce