How e-commerce has changed our lives

How e-commerce has changed our lives

How e-commerce has changed the world

E-commerce has no doubt changed the world we live in in a number of ways. The first being the way we do business. The internet is one of the greatest twentieth century breakthrough in the world. This is due to the number of people who already rely on the internet for day to day activities. For instance long ago telemarketing and TV marketing where the leading marketing platforms, however these days online marketing is now the largest marketing platform. E-commerce on the other hand has led to the growth of the world economies due to accessibility of machines. Due to e-commerce a farmer in central Africa can now buy a tractor online and have it delivered to their farm with no hassle. He can use this tractor to increase the crop output by as much as 10 times. This means that e-commerce also plays a huge role in preventing extreme famine in third world countries. All though there are a lot of ways in which e-commerce has changed our world we will choose to focus on the good changes that e-commerce has brought

E-commerce has provided accessibility to medication

There is certain medication that was hard to buy long ago before e-commerce was invented. People had to wait for days in order to receive medication. Pharmacy companies in remote regions around the world had to order medication which will arrive after a couple of months. This process was tedious and ineffective. This caused the death of many people in regions which had no access to medication.  However with e-commerce pharmacies can now just place an order electronically and the medication will be delivered.

E-commerce has reduced the need to travel in order to make a purchase

Before the advent of e-commerce buyers needed to travel in order to make a purchase. This process consumed time and money. However with e-commerce you just need to find a credible site and buy products online.