Telemarketing in e-commerce

There is no doubt that you have once received a call from a telemarketer detailing you of a product or service you should pay for that will benefit you. This has occurred to a lot of people around the globe and you wouldn’t be the first to witness the phenomenon. Unfortunately for certain e-commerce businesses telemarketing is just too expensive and requires companies who are selling large products or services. The most common use of telemarketing is when businesses are trying to get customers to use their financial services such as forex trading platforms. This has proven to be one of the most common uses of telemarketing. The main reason why it makes sense to use telemarketing for financial services rendering is due to the fact that these companies have invested a lot of money to get customers.

How telemarketing works

Telemarketing works in the fact that when a customer signs up for a service but doesn’t actually go through with the payment the company uses the customer’s information to actually call the customer and convince them that it is worth trying creating an account with them. This is very popular amount subscription based companies.

Telemarketing in health insurance

Telemarketing also works well with health insurance. Health insurance is now being offered online so it can be considered as an e-commerce service. Usually the health insurance company creates a fill in page for quotes and then they call you in order to verify your information and convince you to join their services. This marketing tactic has proven to be very effective as far as insurance is concerned. Most insurance companies actually use this method to increase the number of companies or to prevent losing more customers. When you see a get a quote page on a insurance website next time know that they will definitely call you.