Illegal products sold in e-commerce

Illegal products sold in e-commerce

Illegal products in e-commerce

Illegal products have increased in sale in e-commerce. This has led to massive online crackdowns by the United States government. It can be seen through the increased need for anonymity by individuals purchasing illegal or banned products online. The global law enforcement have been alarmed by the increased use of electronic platforms to sell illegal products such as cocaine, guns, ammunition, and child porn.

Dark web and the sale of illegal product

The dark web has become infamous for being the place where people go in order to sell or buy illegal products. There are a lot of sellers on the dark web who sell illegal products to customers. The reason why they choose the darkweb is the fact that they remain anonymous on the platform. On the darkweb people use fake names to either sell or buy products. There is no need to enter any personal data such as date of birth, email or real name. To register on darknet marketplaces the only thing you need is a fake username, password and to prove that you are not a robot.
On the darknet drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin are commonly sold to customers. These drugs are then sent via regular post without a return address or with a fake return address.

Illegal products such as counterfeit goods

A lot of people do not know this but it is illegal under US law to sell counterfeit goods. This is due to the fact that it has serious economic impacts such as a decrease in creativity. Counterfeit goods are commonly sold on Asian e-commerce sites. Governments have taken strict measures in order to prevent the sale of such goods. Aliexpress has been criticized for not having a proper anti-counterfeit policy.