Why some people don’t trust e-commerce sellers

Why some people don't trust e-commerce sellers

Why people don’t trust e-commerce sellers

There is no doubt that when you made your first e-commerce purchase you did not trust that the product shall arrive on your doorstep. To you joy the product actually arrived after a couple of days. This has probably happened to almost all e-commerce buyers. Many e-commerce buyers have been affected by this scenario of distrust. Even after conducting hundreds of purchases online you still don’t trust online sellers. This is the main reason why e-commerce has not yet overtaken traditional retailing in terms of sales. It is good to distrust online sellers because there is the saying that says better safe than sorry.

People don’t trust e-commerce sellers due to forums

E-commerce forums probably play a huge role in the distrust that people have towards e-commerce sellers. Some customers who didn’t receive their package due to delays in the local delivery system quickly go to forums in order to declare that the e-commerce seller is a scammer. After receiving the product they fail to remove the forum thread and it ends up being indexed by search engines. This has serious ripple effects on the e-commerce seller who will lose a lot of sales and customers.

People don’t trust e-commerce sellers for a good reason

Some potential customers do not trust e-commerce sellers for a good reason. You might have heard a few rumours of e-commerce buyers who have been scammed by a certain seller. You have every reason to research and verify the claim. If you don’t find anything sometimes it is best that you actually stay away from the seller and try and find the product you want to buy somewhere safe. Using popular e-commerce marketplace is very helpful because they have anti-fraud systems in place.