Instagram algorithm

Instagram algorithm
Instagram algorithm

How does Instagram work?

Instagram also has an algorithm like any online marketing platform. The Instagram algorithm combines time relevance based factor. This helps determine what users see on the platform. This means that front-page feeds are not only based on chronological order but on also on the likelihood that the Instagram user will be interested in the content. Before we explain what Instagram algorithm is we have to clarify what Instagram algorithm is first. There are a lot of algorithms that fuel Instagram.
For the purpose of the article when we talk about Instagram algorithm we are talking about the algorithm that fuels Instagram feed page. Even Instagram advertising posts depend on the algorithm.

Why does the Instagram algorithm function like this?

In an article in the Guardian there was a complaint of how Instagram organizes users feeds, based on Instagram’s own formula.  Instagram has been using a chronological arrangement since its launch in 2010. The main reason Instagram’s algorithm used chronological order till Facebook realized that people didn’t see 70 percent of the content on their feed. Therefore Facebook thought it appropriate for people to view their best friend’s content. You wouldn’t miss your best friend’s photo when they post it on Instagram.

How to use the Instagram algorithm to market e-commerce business

Whenever you introduce a new product on your e-commerce store it is important that you post it on Instagram. The algorithm will automatically place it at the top of your customer’s feeds. There is also the need to post promotions. There is nothing that captures customers more than images of a promotion or a fifty percent discount.  Algorithms are even more important when conducting paid advertising campaigns. They determine what a customer is going to see and they specifically select the right content for the right customer.