Jet Blends E-Commerce with Personal Assistants

Jet Blends E-Commerce with Personal Assistants

Jet Blends E-Commerce with Personal Assistants to Change the Way We Shop

She knew she had a lot of legwork to do after Jenny Fleiss decided to take her family this past spring break. One having out grown the equipment, her two out of her three young children had never gone skiing before. Plenty of other things were to be packed along with the gear and clothing layers and afterwards comes the process of lugging of all those bags. Fleiss was pressed for time like many of the working moms of New York City. A simple text message to Jetblack did the trick for her as everything was waiting for them as soon as she and her family arrived at the hotel. That’s Jetblack and its magic. “It can be a personal assistant, a personal shopping over text or the best combination of a seamless e-commerce experience, it’s totally up to you,” explains Fleiss, Co-founder and CEO at Jetblack.

Service based on memberships have just been launched in Manhattan with Brooklyn as the next target. Personal shopping over text messages are also offered at Jetblack. No matter what it is, either it’s a gift for a child’s birthday party or a refill on paper towels, you just have to give a text or the order will be delivered fast and free the same day or the coming one. The breaking down of the boxes is no issue as the packages are sent via courier delivery in lightweight recyclable bags. Free gift wrapping and handwritten cards, competitive pricing, easy returns, members-only events and no minimum spending is also offered at Jetblack. Only a flat $50 per month is charged for all the above stuff. It can be beneficial for everyone as parents are the most common customers. “For everyone, time is a luxury,” says Fleiss. “In terms of volume, the ones doing the greatest amount of shopping right now are parents.”

Aims of Jet Blends E-commerce

As Jetblack is aims to change the way we shop, it is also trying to save its customer’s time. Having been the Co-founder of Rent the Runway, Fleiss has a pretty strong grip on how to disrupt the retail space. Rent the Runway is owned and funded by Walmart’s technology incubator, Store N*8, which Fleiss have left a year ago to start Jetblack. “The vision which my co-founder, Marc Lore, shared with me was the reinvention of the standard of digital shopping experience,” says Fleiss. “The authority of the big picture dream coming to life was given to me. In identifying a problem and seeing an opportunity, I have always thought that the best position is as your own consumer. I have three young children. To add efficiency to my day, as a mom I am constantly looking for different tools as life is busier than ever. Making life more enjoyable and giving more time back, for me is the next version the delightful digital experience. Jetblack is where it came about. With a simple shopping over text, the idea is to simplify the shopping experience- making shopping as easy as it gets.” Groceries, alcohol and prescription are the only three categories which Jetblack does not cover at the present time, although some will be covered if not all of them in the future.
Jetblack learns about you and your preferences so the more you use it the easier and faster it gets in knowing you. Need a soap? Simply text the name and you will be responded with your go-to brand. “Creating a list to buy things mentally and not putting in on to do list as a parent and buying the paper towels later can be tough. All you need to do is just a text to a personal shopper and let it take care of it,” says Fleiss. “Letting you be mentally present where you are.” They also do research for their customers which is a way of saving time of the members. If a pacifier or car seat is needed, the best three options will be sent to you by Jetblack after consumer research and rankings are done for you by their staff experts. “Anything is available at our fingertips by the grace of internet and I get 30,000 results when I search for a stroller which certainly is time consuming. Refining that list has become more important than ever. Soo much time is consumed by the customers in tallying reviews of products. You can have your trust in us for narrowing the list down to the top three best instead of wasting your time.
This is how the future of digital experience is about to change be changed by Jetblack. “You always want to work on something where you can have a real impact as an entrepreneur, and working within the concept of World’s largest retailer for me, knowing that it will be leveraged by that entity on which we are building it, is impactful and incredibly exciting,” Fleiss says. “Things which were innovative five years ago like 2-day shopping and 1-click shopping, have not much changed. We aim to add that efficiency which is needed by our clients. E-commerce shopping have become a chore is the other thing that’s happened. Checking your to do list and discovering something to blow your mind or the delivery would be swift or the gift you are to give is already beautifully packed for you. Jetblack is doing something like that to bring that connection, joy and light back to shopping.