Tip to find the best Instagram Influencer for your brand

Tip to find the best Instagram Influencer for your brand

Tip to find the best Instagram Influencer for your brand

Marketing with the help of Influencers has become of biggest strategies of many store owners nowadays. It is quick and let you connect with the audience more easily. And this can create a huge positive affect for the store if worked with the right type of people.
The question is how to find the influencers who best fit your business type?
In a interviews with Neil Waller, the winner of 2015 Build-a-Business winner said,
“First, take a step back and say, “Why do you want to work with influencers?” Because the output that you can get from working with influencers is a few different things, so the lens through which you’ll choose to vet them could be different based on your business goals.”
Neil is also the CEO and the co-founder of Whalar, which is a tool to manage your influencer marketing. He pointed out three important benefits of influencer marketing each of which has a very strong and complete objective.
And those three points are

  1. reaching out to their audience
  2. to get a feedback on your product by working with them as consumers
  3. to find out how to make content for a platforms by tapping into knowledge on that platform

According to Neil,
You can achieve all three, but you’ve got to know what your primary goals are before you can start the vetting process.”
And as far as the question of the examination process is concerned, the main thing is to figure out if the influencer fits with the brand and also what is their engagement rate with their audience?

Does their interest align with your brands interest?

Some people give more importance to the quantity and no. of followers an influencer have but in reality the more important thing is to recognize influencers who match your brand and make a list of them. This is a great first step if you know the core values of your brand and what it represents.
The content of your brand might and the influencer’s content can differ from business to business, but there is a mental strategy than can help in the whole selection process according to Neil,
“At their best, influencers are like magazine publishers. If you picked up a magazine, you’d have a sense of voice and tone, what the magazine stands for, and what the magazine writes about. And with magazine publishing, that’s how you would choose whether to associate your brand with that magazine. Apply the same process to influencers.”
GO through the influencer’s Instagram content their stories and get to know the influencers interests are, what kind of topic they are interested in creating and the see if it resonates with your brand’s product and after that have a look at their engagement rate.

What is their community engagement rate?

After finding someone that seems like a perfect match the next thing to do is to check out if they have the community and number of audience that they are promising.
You can find about the engagement rates through the Whalar tools to determine the engagement or you can also evaluate that through the public information on their profile.
As Neil advised, ““You can work this stuff out by taking a quick glance. Look at the post, look at the average amount of likes on each post. “As long as the engagement rate is anywhere from 2-3% or up, that’s a good mark of engagement. People with smaller audiences might have 8, 9, 10% engagement rates, which are really strong.”
Another way to find out if the influencer not fake is to go through their comment section and see the audience engagement. If the comment are not too short or single-word sentence and if you can find emotions in those words that they are not fake. Because don’t forget it not about the likes only.

Do not deteriorate from your goals

Always remember the three possible outcomes of collaboration that you can get while going through the process of evaluating influencers’ the approach to more audience, the type of content and the platforms it works the best for, response from customers.
Don’t lose site of the work that you want to get out of this collaboration regardless of the key priority and make sure to remember in the end whatever you do, you should be proud of it.
“If the end outcome of any collaboration, any terms of marketing and communication isn’t great work that is representative of your brand, your brand values, and what you’re wanting to communicate to people, then what was the point in doing it in the first place?” as Neil shared.
To get the outcome you want, ascertaining the type of influencer you are collaborating with and getting to know about their community engagement is very important.