L2 Digital IQ Index: Top Home Care Brands in Digital 2017

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L2 Digital IQ Index: Top Home Care Brands in Digital 2017

With sales flat in CPG, digital distribution and search visibility are critical for home care brands, looking to maintain share.

Ecommerce is expected to account for 50% of CPG growth, thanks in large part to Amazon. As investments in the Internet of Things grow among CPG firms, brands should monitor Amazon’s increasingly popular one-touch Dash button, and voice-controlled Echo, whose sales have skyrocketed.

Amazon’s investments in private label also have the potential to impact the ecosystem. While private label dollar share in the U.S. plateaued at 18%, in 2016, some of Amazon’s private label offerings are commanding a greater share of online sales in related CPG categories.

On site, index brands have shown improvement, but investments are still lacking. 63% of brands advertise coupons on their sites, but only 37% of brands host the coupons themselves. The CPG industry at large is adapting to the shifting advertising landscape, projected to double digital ad spending by 2020.

Tide secures the top spot, for the second year in a row, in this year’s Digital IQ Index – Home Care, with aggressive investments in e-tailer visibility, best in class media-rich product pages, and the maximized Tide Pod challenge, run across social media platforms.

This study attempts to quantify the digital competence of 78 home care brands operating in the United States.

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