Top Personal Care Brands in Digital 2017

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L2 Digital IQ Index: Top Personal Care Brands in Digital 2017

The stakes are high in the personal care industry. Since 2011, large CPG companies have shed $20 billion in share, to smaller, independent brands. In 2016 alone, established players’ sales declined .5%, while upstarts’ revenue grew 3.1%. This trend is being shaped online.

On Amazon, established players are being squeezed by smaller brands, who own an average 58 of the top 100 products listed in the personal care best-seller’s list. And on, private label brands Equate and Parent’s Choice dominate the retailer’s first paid search results in key categories, including baby care and feminine care.

Across the online retailer ecosystem, direct-to-consumer brands Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s have taken significant share from legacy player, Gillette. While online sales of CPG products are still a fraction of in-store revenues, their share is increasing at an accelerating pace, and may soon reach a tipping point.

Large enterprises are shifting spend toward digital, and in 2016, online advertising spend outpaced traditional channels, for the first time. Among personal care brands, digital advertising budgets grew 52%, year on year. In addition, personal care brands register incremental improvements, including increased adoption of video content on brand sites, and increasing use of Amazon media services.

In this year’s L2 Digital IQ Index – Personal care, Dove is number one, with best in class performance on Amazon, top of class display advertising, and a brand site featuring seamless handoff to third party retailers.

Pampers, Gillette and Huggies round out the Genius class, boasting best in class retailer visibility, superior brand sites, with product discovery functionality, and robust couponing efforts, respectively.

This year’s L2 Digital IQ Index – Personal care, benchmarks the digital performance of 108 personal care brands operating in the United States.

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