Social media changes caused by the facebook data scandal

Social media changes caused by the facebook data scandal

Social media changes since the facebook data scandal

There is absolutely no doubt that if you follow the media you have heard about the Facebook data scandal. The Facebook data sandal forced a lot of executives to stand before congress and testify. Cambridge analytica was forced to close down its doors due to the data scandal. The data scandal was viewed by many as facebook’s betrayal of customer trust. Cambridge analytica harvested customer’s personal information from 50 million users from the United States and the United Kingdoms. The Data was used to change the public’s opinion in the United States and United Kingdoms during the Elections. Facebook has had to improve its security and to change its data protection policies.

One of the social media changes is that third party apps cannot access certain facebook data

If you use any third party apps on your facebook account such as playing games, listening to music or watching videos you would have realized that these companies no longer have the ability to access your data. If you use third party apps you should have received a lot of messages from facebook telling you about facebook’s new data policy. Instagram also has the same privacy restriction on third party apps.

Social media changes will cut ties with third party apps.

Both Facebook and Instagram have introduced policies and changes to their data accessibility. This means that Instagram will cut ties with unauthorized apps. The main purpose of introducing changes to their policy is to stop companies from mining data for use in advertising their businesses or political message. Growing your Instagram following without using third party apps and bots for targeted marketing is very difficult therefore marketing companies and businesses use bots. This has made it impossible for bots to be use customer data for malicious purposes.