What we can learn from brick and mortar retailing

What we can learn from brick and mortar retailing

Things we can take from brick and mortar retailing

People who live in the era of e-commerce often do not remember that e-commerce is an offshoot of brick and mortar retailing.  Some people especially in developed nations have become so used to purchasing goods online without the need for visiting a shop physically. Most people now treat conventional store as a thing of the past. We have forgotten how long we have come with conventional stores. The real truth is that even if e-commerce store grows fast, more than 90% of all purchases still occur online. This means that traditional retailing is going to exist parallel to e-commerce for a long time. Brick and mortar retailing is still the primary means of buying for the majority of consumers and there is a lot that e-commerce can learn from traditional retailing.

Brick and mortar retailing teaches us to always greet our customers

When it comes to customer relations the first thing we learn is that we should always greet our customers. This will help in customer loyalty and increasing sales by repeat customers. The advantages that a traditional store has over an e-commerce store is the fact that in a traditional store the customer is greeted as soon as he enters the store by a shop assistant. Such traditional e-commerce characteristics will help in increasing the number of loyal customers.

Brick and mortar retailers teach us to make our website informational

In brick and mortar retailing customer services are enhanced by good information which is provided by the shop assistant. However in e-commerce you will need to input this information on the website. The best thing to do is to include this information on the frequently asked question part of the website. This will make it easier for customers to find the information they need and use it when buying products on your online store.