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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing guide

There are not a lot of guides out there that point e-commerce store owners in the right direction when it comes to affiliate marketing. Most guides seem to be very informational when it comes to giving instructions to the affiliate marketers. The question in everybody’s mind is: what is an affiliate marketer? An affiliate marketer is a third party entity or partner who helps an e-commerce store owner grow sales through driving leads to your store. In simple terms, affiliate marketing involves the combination of advertising e-commerce products and services and sharing in the revenue. The affiliate marketer must produce sales in order to receive a commission. In online commerce, an affiliate marketer signs up for an affiliate program on your store and they are provided with a link that they can share with potential customers. If a customer buys a product using the link they are paid a percentage of the revenue generated from the sale.

 How affiliate marketing promotes your store

There are several ways in which affiliates promote your e-commerce store. Affiliate marketing is actually not different from any other kind of online marketing. The first and widely used marketing technique is for the affiliate marketer to create a YouTube video and to place the affiliate link in the description box.  Affiliate marketers can also use popular platforms like Facebook to promote your e-commerce website. They can post it on their Facebook page if they have a large following.

How to use affiliate marketing

If you want to use affiliate marketing you can either use already existing affiliate marketing marketplaces like click bank or amazon associate or you can create your own affiliate marketing program directly on your e-commerce website. You should offer a lucrative commission in order for affiliate marketers to join your program.